Where to Register a Business Address in Singapore

Singapore business address

If you have a business in Singapore, you might be wondering where to register your company’s physical address. If so, you have several options, including the Home Office Scheme, Registered office, and Physical address. The Home Office Scheme allows foreign companies to have a local presence in Singapore. It is cost effective for new start-ups and allows employees to work at home and keep their residential address. Your company can also use this address to open a corporate bank account.

Home Office Scheme

In Singapore, registering a business will require you to provide a local registered office address, which is used for official correspondence and other important documents. To help entrepreneurs cut down on the cost of using a registered office address, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has introduced a scheme called the Home Office Scheme. This scheme enables entrepreneurs to use private residential flats or HDB flats for their business address instead of a standard office.

Before setting up your business in a home office, you must register your business with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). A registered business can be a sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, or private limited company. You may also apply for the Home Office Scheme before you register with ACRA. However, when registering with ACRA, you should clearly state whether you are an individual or a company.

Registered office address

When a business establishes itself in Singapore, it needs to have a registered office address. Using your own residence as your registered office address is not advisable, as you will need to apply for permission from the government. Furthermore, it is possible for your business to move to another location or get sold, so it is vital that you have a physical address in Singapore.

In Singapore, registered office addresses are used by regulating bodies and government agencies. This type of address is also used by financial institutions, foreign companies, and other entities for official correspondence. It is important to regularly check mail received at this address, as it might contain reminders about filing annual reports, new incentives, or even a new government scheme.

Physical address

A physical address can be a great way to attract international clients and increase your company’s global visibility. Companies can choose from premium locations to advertise their product, increase their global reach, and maintain privacy. If you’re looking for a business address in Singapore, consider using a premium service like PhysicalAddress.com.

Your business’s registered office address is crucial in fulfilling legal obligations. The public can visit this address to inquire about your company. Your registered office should have a person on duty during business hours to respond to inquiries. In addition, this address receives notices and communications from government bodies. Your bank will also send correspondence to this address.

Legal obligations

Singapore has a number of legal obligations for businesses. One of these is having a local registered office address. This address must be a physical place in Singapore that is open to the public during business hours. The registered office address also needs to have a person on duty who can answer questions. It also has to receive notices and communications from government agencies. This is also where banks send correspondence.

Another legal obligation for businesses in Singapore is that they must have a local resident director. This person will have the authority to file annual returns. In addition, they will have to keep statutory records on their controllers. Finally, they must adopt a privacy policy that complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and appoint a data protection officer.